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ShiGENA and ShiVENA – Ester of neodecanoic acid

Produced by Hebei Shield Excellence Technology Ltd.

“... we want to be a good alternative to the only established manufacturer on the market and allow our customers to benefit from a reliable second supplier.”, says Lanbo SUN, founder and owner of manufacturer Hebei Shield Excellence Technology, which is represented by IMPAG.

Both products from the Chinese manufacturer – ShiGENA and ShiVENA – are indeed the only other alternative to the esters of neodecanoic acid which are currently available on the market. Hebei Shield manufactures the products according to a specifically developed production process with a consistently high level of quality. The intermediate neodecanoic acid is likewise manufactured directly by Hebei Shield.

 ShiGENA – Neodecanoic Acid Glycidyl Ester
... is the glycidyl ester of neodecanoic acid, a branched monocarboxylic acid and an epoxy group. The unique reaction possibilities make ShiGENA particularly attractive for use in a multitude of synthetic resins and polymers, but also as a reactive diluent for varnishes, paints and adhesives with a polyester, epoxy and/or acrylic resin system base. Examples of its application are incredibly diverse and range from decorative varnishes to industrial coverings, right through to automotive coatings.

In addition, ShiGENA can be used as a reactive solvent in epoxy applications. Typical uses of it are for example in solvent-free floor coatings which harden at room temperature and which require an increased chemical resistance. Further properties which typify formulations with ShiGENA are an enhanced surface hardness, outstanding curing characteristics (most effective at room temperature) and better crystallization.

ShiGENA is available in drums (190 kg and 200 kg), IBCs (950 kg) as well as bulk loads in an ISO tank (approx. 23 mt).

ShiVENA – Neodecanoic Acid Vinyl Ester 
... corresponds to the vinyl esters of neodecanoic acid. In a similar manner to ShiGENA, the numerous C10 branches of the base acid offer unique reaction possibilities when paired with the reactive vinyl group.

The main uses of this colourless and low viscosity liquid are vinyl acetate monomer based dispersions and emulsions. The use of ShiVENA in these vinyl acetate monomer formulations increases the stability of the application when used externally. Furthermore, ShiVENA can also be incorporated into acrylate systems (its use in re-dispersible powders for dry mixes in adhesives, mortar, fillers etc. is particularly important to mention here) and latex dispersions. ShiVENA works as a modifying co-monomer in all applications and exerts a positive influence on UV stability, water resistance, chemical resistance as well as solubility (particularly important for dry dispersions).

ShiVENA is available in drums (180 kg), IBCs (880 kg) as well as bulk loads in an ISO tank (approx. 21mt).    



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