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Performance Chemicals


P-Toluolsulfonyl Isocyanate

Isocyanates are used in the production of polyurethanes. An extremely multifunctional isocyanate is the compound p-toluenesulfonyl isocyanate, or PTSI. This isocyanate is a low-viscosity, highly reactive product that reacts with water to form an inert amide. This property makes it an ideal raw material for producing moisture-hardening, single-component polyurethane products.

Advanced and highly economical PU coatings, sealants and adhesives can be formulated with PTSI. These are used in many applications, such as structural surface coatings and sealing compounds, or in corrosion protection and wood preservative products. These formulations are highly effective and extremely resistant to external influences (weather, UV radiation, corrosion etc.) – even on highly sensitive surfaces.

Moisture-hardening single component PU systems react with the moisture in the air and therefore harden rapidly and uniformly. These products can also be used in just about any indoor climatic or outdoor weather conditions. Furthermore, the hardened products always remain highly elastic while possessing high surface hardness. These properties lend moisture-hardening CASE products a long service life.

PTSI can unreservedly be called THE moisture scavenger among isocyanates. It has many times the water absorption capacity of other isocyanates. With a proven water absorption of 1 gram water per 13 g isocyanate, PTSI stands out by far. Unlike other isocyanates, PTSI already reacts highly effectively at room temperature. The reaction forms CO2 and p-toluenesulfonyl amide, a completely inert substance.

Given this high reactivity with water and the resulting inert amide, PTSI can be used as a water scavenger in other systems as well. It can even bind and neutralize other undesired components such as free acids, amines and hydroxyl groups. This stabilizes formulations and makes them longer lasting.

PTSI is available from IMPAG in 25 kg cans and 250 kg drums.



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