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Traditionally used surfactants very often bring also unwanted side effects in terms of health, safety and environmental aspects.

2,4,7,9-tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol (DDTM) can be seen as a modern replacement which is definitively less water sensitive than traditional surfactants, non-toxic and harmless to people and environment. Moreover, DDTM is FDA and EPA approved, hence it can also be used for food applications and cosmetics. DDTM is even classified as an “easily biodegradable substance” by the OECD.

The non-ionic surfactant DDTM can be used in a variety of water-based applications. For example, all kinds of coatings (especially wood and industrial repair coatings as well as paper coatings), inks (writing and printing), dyes, leather chemicals, pressure-sensitive adhesives, sealants, polishes, metalworking fluids, latex dips, cosmetics (shampoos, bath foams etc.), even agrochemicals and much more.

Due to its unique double-OH groups, DDTM has special surface activity with multifunctional effects. DDTM additionally performs as a defoaming, wetting, dispersing and levelling agent. These multifunctional properties allow the user to solve several problems in a formulation using only a single additive. Depending on the application, it is usually recommended to use DDTM in a ratio of 0.10 – 1.50 % of the total formulation.

Products of the DDTM series help to create a low dynamic surface tension and to prevent the formation of surface defects (such as fisheyes, cratering etc.). Using DDTM even allows wetting of contaminated substrates. It generally defoams, de-air-entrains and improves the flow of the final product. In spray applications, it will significantly reduce  the generation of micro-foam. Additionally, formulations with DDTM are less sensitive to water. DDTM may provide even further functional advantages depending on the

DDTM is available as 100% active substance (in drums, solid at room temperature) or dissolved in various solvent media (usually packed in either drums or IBC) such as ethylhexanol (50%), butoxyethanol (50%), dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether (50%), monoethylene glycol (25% and 50%),
n-propyl alcohol (50%), isopropyl alcohol (50%) and monopropylene glycol (50%).

In addition to the DDTM series, DDTM-400 series surfactant grades are modified by ethylene oxide. This significantly increases hydrophilicity as well as wetting and defoaming performance. There are 4 different grades commercially available, offering an HLB range from 4 to 17.

The Producer
IMPAG cooperates with Chinese manufacturer Jiasi Chemical Co. Jiasi is a producer of fine chemicals
located in Zhejiang province. From the beginning, the company has always been driven by science and
technology, with a strong R&D team. They have been producing DDTM since the late 1990s.



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